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Monitoring TM's copper cables network around the clock, i-Watch drastically reduces incidences of copper cable thefts. With state-of-the-art escalation system, local TM and security personnel are immediately alerted via SMS, Voice Message and email, whenever any copper cable is cut. The unique and sophisticated detection system accurately identifies the theft location, precise up to ±100m. Security personnel are then deployed to the scene before the cables can be carted away. The culprits are apprehended, and other would-be thieves are deterred from attempting again, as they know that any future attempts would be futile. No other system in the world is as accurate nor as fast. Ultimately, millions of dollars is saved.

i-Watch is meant to :

1. Monitor and manage TELCO's cable access for both fibre and copper cable

2. Detection and alarm escalation in the case of Cable theft incidences

i-Watch Key Features:

1. Non-sensor installation throughout the cable. i-Watch only requires cable pair loop at remote end for simpler and cheaper implementation procedure.

2. Detection of both cable cut plus the distance of cable cut from the monitoring device.

3. Various warning and alarm escalation method: Alarm Ring, SMS, Voice Prompt and Email.

i-Watch General Architecture

i-Watch General Architecture

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